Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Cody Sweeny and I am a freelance sound engineer. I started out about 5 years ago doing tech for my church. Since then I have expanded my skills and have been working freelance for the last 3 years in the Des Moines/Central Iowa area.

In April of 2016 I was working a gig and found myself looking for a frequency chart. Easily found after a Google search but that got my mind going. What if there was a website where I could organize my resources? The idea bloomed in my mind and thus Sound Guy Tales was born.

Please feel free to look around or to check out my other websites.

codysphotography.co – a website showcasing my mediocre photography

codysweeny.com – this is my primary blog. I blog about anything and everything with a main focus on technology but occasionally I’ll throw in something about my life.



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